Combating waste

Preserving our planet's natural resources involves first and foremost tackling wastage in all its forms.
It is obvious that Carrefour and all its stores should be involved in tackling wastage, but this does not only apply to its retail outlets. Upstream – throughout the agricultural and industrial production processes, as well as downstream – Carrefour's customers and consumers.

In order to reduce the impact that its activities have on the environment and maintain its business in the long term, Carrefour has planned a number of concrete initiatives over several years to tackle wastage. We are shouldering our share of responsibility and getting our partners and customers involved to expand these initiatives.


What are Carrefour's commitments to the climate?
Tackling wastage is our main way of helping to prevent climate change. To do this, the Carrefour group has taken firm decisions and is investing in research, as well as implementing new technologies designed to optimise the way in which we use energy and natural resources.
As far as Carrefour is concerned, helping to prevent climate change means helping our customers, helping our producers… helping everybody.


What exactly is waste according to Carrefour?
Anything can be wasted – from materials and energy (used in stores and for transport operations) to water and foodstuffs.  Tackling waste involves taking action in all aspects of what we do: our products, the way in which we operate… the practices of both our employees and our partners.


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