Communication system

Throughout the year, Carrefour will inform you of the Group's latest news through a communication system and regular interactions.

Shareholders’ newsletters
These provide regular updates on the Group’s latest news, its activities and financial performance, as well as information about the Shareholders’ Club.
Shareholder’s Guide
This contains a company profile as well as Carrefour share management information and guidelines.
Activity and responsible commitment report
This document sets forth the Group strategy, actions taken during the fiscal year, and its economic, social and environmental performance.
Registration document
This document includes all of Carrefour’s legal, economic and environmental information, as well as the audited financial statements. It is filed with the French financial markets authority (AMF).

Shareholders’ Meeting
This is a special opportunity for Carrefour senior managers to meet with the shareholders, who can find out about the Group’s activities, results and outlook.
For over ten years, Carrefour has taken part in Actionaria, which is held in Paris. Teams are available to meet with Group shareholders and answer questions from those in attendance.
Shareholders’ gatherings
Carrefour’s shareholder relations team attends regional meetings to present information about the Group’s strategy and results.

Site visits
Members of the Carrefour Shareholders’ Club are regularly invited to visit our stores and explore the Group’s various activities.

The “Shareholders” area at covers all of the Group’s latest news and provides helpful information.
Members of the Shareholders’ Club have access to exclusive benefits and special events. They can register for site visits on-line.   


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