Local products

A local range for local needs

Throughout the world, the Group’s stores are widening their selections of local products and are sourcing their supplies from farmers, breeders, SMEs and artisans who are based near to where the customers live. In France, each Carrefour hypermarket works with around 100 local producers on average. This direct supply policy generates benefits at all levels. It provides customers with a wider choice, as well as better-tasting regional products; it guarantees product freshness and quality since there is a direct relationship between producers and stores. Only a very short time is spent getting the products from the farm or factory to the store shelves; low logistics costs mean lower prices for customers, and local producers have an outlet for their products, stimulating the local economy. Customers are encouraged to purchase locally especially through the development of regional brands such as Reflets de France and Terre d’Italia, quality product lines which shorten supply channels.

In China, within the framework of a nationwide programme, Carrefour has been sourcing products directly from farming cooperatives, representing more than 1.2 million Chinese farmers, since 2007.

At Group level, nearly 75% of all Carrefour food products come from national suppliers. Carrefour employees do not simply buy from local producers. They help them, providing them with the support and training they need. In Spain, for example, several thousand products were showcased in 2013 as part of in-store campaigns, major agricultural shows, Carrefour award events for innovative SMEs, and along the route of La Vuelta (Tour of Spain cycling race).


Regional ranges

Carrefour is also developing regional product ranges.

Offering the right products to customers also means taking into account the fl avours and richness of the territory. The “Terre d’Italia” range celebrates Italian gastronomy, with a selection of more than 400 products. Likewise, the “Refl ets de France” brand has become a key reference for French regional products. It is currently exported throughout Europe, and most recently to China and Taiwan. To fully express the richness of French culinary history, Carrefour works directly with nearly 220 local producers with recognised know-how, and who are committed to a long-term partnership: 60% of them have been involved since the brand was created in 1996. Fingerling potatoes from Le Touquet,  sauerkraut from Alsace, raclette  from Savoie, brioche  from  Vendée, honey from  the Cabrespine monastery…  Today, “Reflets de France” includes more than 300 high-quality regional products. Since the beginning, the brand has benefited from the expertise of Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon, who offers his perspective and advice during product tastings organised each month. He designs recipes that combine tradition with modernity – which are published on a dedicated website, www.refletsdefrance.fr – to promote the flavours and aromas of the product range. In this way, Carrefour puts the best the land has to offer within the reach of every budget.


Quality lines

Carrefour Quality Lines offer high-quality fresh products at the best value for money through close partnerships with small producers. Carrefour makes a contractual commitment to purchasing volumes over the long term. In return, producers undertake to implement sustainable agricultural practices, such as limiting the use of pesticides and fertilisers, ensuring product traceability, and so on. The Group currently works with almost 22,000 livestock farmers and producers in the regions and offers over 400 fresh products under the Quality Line label, including Labrunier grapes in Brazil, Ardennes trout in Belgium, nectarines in Greece, lettuce in Taiwan and many more.

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