Carrefour’s CSR mission


As a leading food retailer and a key player in the global economy, Carrefour is well aware of its social responsibilities. The Group is committed to an ambitious approach to sustainable development, with quantified objectives and an annual assessment of its results.

Carrefour's approach to retail and its economic model are closely linked to the availability and renewability of natural resources, the quality and quantity of agricultural production, and the purchasing power of consumers and their confidence levels.

The Group has incorporated these sustainable development-related objectives into all of its businesses, across its entire value chain, including purchasing, logistics, quality control, store management and property. Its actions are built around three main priorities: combating all forms of waste, protecting biodiversity and helping stakeholders adopt a more responsible approach, thus extending the effects of its own actions.

Consultation with the company's stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, professional organisations, NGOs, academics and suppliers are all involved in these discussions. Through this ongoing dialogue, new commitments can be assessed and action programmes can be co-developed. The relevance of Carrefour's approach is boosted by the materiality test which cross-references the importance of issues for the stakeholders with their importance for Carrefour in the way in which it runs its business.

Carrefour's CSR approach is a source of innovation and progress for all of the Group's business lines. It underpins the corporate strategy and helps boost its global performance.
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•    CSR methodology
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Carrefour’s CSR mission is structured around four key areas:
•    Tackling wastage
•    Preserving the planet's biodiversity
•    Supporting Carrefour’s suppliers
•    The men and women who make up Carrefour

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