3 new organics quality lines in Aquitaine


Expanding the selection of organic products and entering into new partnerships upstream of the line to guarantee and secure its supplies form part of the Carrefour 2022 Transformation plan. This is why Carrefour is bolstering its partnerships with organic farming partners in the Aquitaine region, and why it has signed up to two new product lines in Bordeaux with the SICA Bio Pays Landais group of producers for asparagus, the Ferme de l’Estuaire for radishes and the Capel and Coulaud Groupe Penaud for organic pork.

Commitments to volumes and contract terms

This new organic asparagus line strengthens Carrefour's partnership with the SICA Bio du Pays Landais group of producers, which already produces some thirty products for Carrefour’s organic Bio brand, including grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, leeks, melons, courgettes, pumpkins, aubergines, peppers and Reine Claude plums.
This new three-year contract commits Carrefour to purchasing an annual volume of 50 tons of asparagus so it can supply its stores in south-western France – a total of 300 stores.
The Sica Bio du Pays Landais is made up of some sixty or so organic producers from France’s Aquitaine and Midi Pyrénées regions.

Carrefour's commitment to the Ferme de l’Estuaire is in relation to radishes and enables it to expand its range of Carrefour Bio organic fruit and vegetables with a new type of round radish, sold ready to eat in sachets. This new agreement covers a volume of 350 tonnes of radishes, to be sold nationally over a three-year period, raising the profiles of its producers.

Finally, in partnership with Capel and Coulaud Penaud, Carrefour is developing an exclusive organic range of butchery and traditional cold meat products (pork ribs, sausages, ham, pâtés ...). This Tripartite Contract covers volumes of 2,000 pigs per year in the first year with a target of 10,000 pigs per year by 2022. This tripartite 3-year contract gives visibility to both partners and should allow the conversion or installation of new organic pig producers in the greater west.


Carrefour at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Agricultural Show

For the fourth year in a row, Carrefour will be at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Agricultural Show from 12 to 21 May – an opportunity for it to reassert its partnerships with various regional agricultural sectors. For a 10-day period, visitors to the show will be able to sample Carrefour Quality Line, Reflets de France and Carrefour Bio products, as well as enjoying numerous events, including bread baking and tasting, meetings with Carrefour's partner-suppliers and store teams – particularly butchers – and finding out what France's best regional beef breeds are.
Every year, the show is an opportunity for Carrefour to consolidate its local economic roots, bolster its commitment to innovative and sustainable agriculture and introduce the general public to the expertise of its teams and partners.

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