ASC-certified prawns and a new Quality Line for farmed prawns

To coincide with European Sustainable Development Week, Carrefour has announced two key initiatives that will speed up responsible sourcing of seafood products.

All of the prawns that Carrefour sells are now ASC-certified*
Starting today, all of the prawns that Carrefour sells will be ASC-certified – irrespective of their size or origin, or of the distribution channel used. This process began in January 2019 and was focused on a number of products in the self-service section; it has now been expanded to include products in the traditional section. The ASC label, the most widely recognised in promoting responsible aquaculture, meets stringent social and environmental requirements. Carrefour is now the first retailer in France to sell exclusively ASC-certified or organic farmed prawns in its hypermarkets.
A new Quality Line for prawns
Carrefour is continuing its commitment with its Carrefour Quality Lines. It already has 438 lines across the world and starting in November 2019 will be introducing a new Quality Line for prawns sourced exclusively from Ecuador, Nicaragua and Honduras. For this particular contract, the group has committed to a price and to purchasing certain volumes so as to provide partner producers with the visibility they need in order to embrace this agro-ecological initiative. The prawns will be available in two sizes and ultimately the group is aiming to sell 3500 tonnes of them. This Carrefour Quality Line product will adhere to strict terms of reference in terms of quality and traceability. They will be ASC-labelled, will not have been fed on any GMOs or antibiotics and their traceability will be bolstered.
The prawn – a flagship seafood product 
Prawns are a key item in the Group's seafood range and are the second most popular seafood product – a flagship product. Carrefour is speeding up its policy of sourcing its seafood products responsibly and guarantees its customers high-quality prawns farmed using methods that are not harmful to people or the environment. This powerful commitment is fully in line with Carrefour’s aim of becoming the leader in the food transition for everyone and also supports the retailer's commitment to providing consumers with a wide range of responsible fishing and aquaculture-certified seafood products.
*Excluding fished and organic prawns and pre-prepared products
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