Carrefour and Système U announce five-year purchasing cooperation and increased commitments in favor of agricultural producers


The recent roundtable on food, known in France as “Etats Généraux de l’alimentation”, demonstrated the need to rebuild the historic partnership between French distributors and agriculture.

In this context, Carrefour and Système U announce that they are in exclusive negotiations to make greater commitments in favor of French agricultural producers.

By consolidating the historical links they have built with the agricultural world, the two companies want to offer the agricultural sector a partnership of reference. It will be built around prices and volumes to provide fair compensation to farmers, over an extended period of time.

To achieve this goal, the two banners announce they are in exclusive negotiations in order to conclude a five-year cooperation agreement that will involve purchasing negotiations with the biggest national and international brands.

The scope of this agreement, intended to reinforce the competitiveness of the two banners, could be extended to include indirect purchasing. Each banner will remain responsible of their commercial and promotional policies. This cooperation is designed to begin in the autumn for the 2019 negotiations round with suppliers.

Carrefour and Système U thus undertake to conclude a stable and responsible agreement whose aim is to promote a fair distribution of value between upstream and downstream.

Download the press release of the 2018 04 25 (pdf 285.36 KB)

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