Carrefour opens the Cestas biomethane station in south-western France with producer Planète Végétal


To meet its target of running 400 biomethane delivery lorries before the end of the year, Carrefour has just reached a new milestone in partnership with Air liquide and Planète Végétal – France's leading independent carrots producer and supplier of Carrefour Quality Line carrots. A circular economy model.

Biomethane for clean and silent deliveries in Bordeaux

For the first time in France, the entire length of the biomethane value chain is represented at a single site. Planète Végétal – which specialises in growing carrots and leeks and which supplies Carrefour Quality Line carrots – has opened a biomethane production unit at its Pot au Pin farm. Located 3 km from the farm, the Cestas bioNGV station, operated by Air Liquide, is connected directly up to this unit. This is where Carrefour gets its biofuel from so can use its neighbouring platform to make deliveries to its Bordeaux region stores.

Carrefour rolls out its clean, silent vehicles

To meet its aim of having 400 lorries running on biomethane by the end of 2018, Carrefour has entered into listing agreements with its energy partners to open twenty bioNGV service stations across the country. The opening of the Cestas service station near Carrefour’s logistics hub is the next stage in this ambitious initiative aimed at delivering goods to France's major urban areas. 

Carrefour – France's first retailer to have a fleet of lorries running on biomethane

Lorries running on this type of biofuel have excellent environmental performance: a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions, no fine-particle emissions and a 50% reduction in noise pollution. 

Biomethane is part of the circular economy model: some of the biowaste collected from stores can be recycled at local level. By making use of a product that cannot be moved to another location, Carrefour is using a form of energy that helps create jobs in France and is lending its support to the agricultural sector. It is also playing its part in the energy transition, helping people to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. With this in mind, Carrefour has decided to open up its stations to all other stakeholders in the transport sector which have vehicles running on biomethane.

40% reduction in CO2 emissions between now and 2025

Choosing vehicles running on biomethane is in line with Carrefour's ambitious transport policy, the aim of which is to bring about a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 compared with 2010 levels. To achieve this, the retailer is taking action on several fronts: it is moving its warehouses closer to its stores, adopting a responsible procurement policy and working closely alongside its main transport partners in the supply chain.


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