Pharmacies set to open in hypermarkets


France's Competition authority has recommended that prescription-free medicines be sold by retailers, just as Carrefour Belgium signs a partnership with the Medi-Market group to set up pharmacies or health and beauty outlets inside hypermarkets based on the “shop-in-shop" format.

It will soon be possible to purchase medicines from certain Carrefour stores in Belgium. Carrefour Belgium and Belgian group Medi-Market have just entered into a long-term strategic partnership to this end. The Medi-Market Group currently operates 30 health and beauty outlets, 16 pharmacies and 3 beauty salons in Belgium.

Under this agreement, pharmacies and/or health and beauty outlets will be opened in a number of Carrefour hypermarkets and will sell a wide range of health and well-being products.

Separate dedicated areas

The Medi-Market sales area will follow the "shop-in-shop" format and will be separate from the rest of the Carrefour hypermarket. The health and beauty outlet concept will be extended to various Carrefour hypermarkets where demand for such products is high and there is enough room.

In France last week, the Competition authority recommended authorising the sale of prescription-free medicines in supermarkets and hypermarkets. These products will need to be sold in dedicated areas, and a head pharmacist will need to be on site at all times.


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