Presenting Reciclaya, our learn-to-recycle app


As part of our commitment to the environment, we present Reciclaya, an application enabling all of our customers to determine how to recycle the products the have bought by scanning the bar code on their receipt. The event took place in our Logroño hypermarket and in the Market of the same place.

Reciclaya will enable our customers to determine how to recycle the products they have bought by means of a bar code that will be printed on their receipt. Our app will automatically separate the products into virtual waste bins so that our customers can place them into the closest corresponding bin.

After a pilot scheme in April in TheCircularLab (Logroño) (the Ecoembes innovation centre for circular economy) with 50 Carrefour customers, today we launched this application in collaboration with the TagitSmart retail company.

This initiative forms part of the European Commission project Tagistsmart-Horizonte2020, a programme that is committed to innovation and research, and which, naturally, we wanted to join with a commitment to collaboration with Dondelotiro and Ecoembes which guarantees environmental sustainability.

Something we have been doing since 2001, with the United Nations Global Compact, through which Carrefour Spain already committed to reducing the environmental impact and to promoting and defending sustainable development in all our activities. A commitment also established in our Carrefour Objective 2022, which is based, besides Digital Transformation and Food Transition, on respect for the environment.

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