The “Plural Beauty” concept, SIRIUS 2019 award winner


Every year, the French Institut de Commerce issues the SIRIUS awards in recognition of good collaborative practices put in place by retail businesses to better serve consumer needs. Their purpose is to shed light on the future of retail by showcasing businesses that are helping to transform the industry. This year, the “Plural Beauty” concept developed jointly by Carrefour and L’Oréal won the SIRUS 2019 award for “Customer Experience”. An honour that has reinforced Carrefour’s commitment to rolling out the concept more widely across stores.

Boosting the appeal of health and beauty products in supermarkets
Faced with a major trend that has been transforming the health and beauty industry over the past few years, Carrefour and L’Oréal have joined forces to reinvent the customer experience in stores.

The idea was to come up with a fresh approach to the world of health and beauty products in general in order to meet new consumer expectations in terms of clarity, desirability and trust. The “Plural Beauty” concept emerged out of this unique and agile collaboration in start-up mode after just four months.

Plural Beauty, an innovative and aspirational concept
This concept is based on a new vision of the world of health and beauty divided into eight hubs within an aspirational and reassuring architectural environment. The concept is based on 6 pillars:
A pharmacy for health and beauty products
Organic and natural products grouped together in one place for better promotion
A blister pack-free make-up hub designed to optimise customer experience and comfort
Specific formats (minis, products for children etc.) presented in standalone displays
A dedicated area for special offers
Educational information available on key subjects such as organic products and face care routines (in the form of POS advertising and/or tablet computers).

Rolling out the concept more widely
Extremely popular among consumers, this new concept - which has so far only been trialled in Carrefour Carré Sénart (77) - will be gradually introduced to more stores.

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