Carrefour is testing in France a model which completely eliminates disposable packaging with the LOOP solution


At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Terracycle (www.terracycle.fr), in partnership with Carrefour and some of the world's biggest consumer goods brands, announced the launch of the Loop concept – the first e-commerce distribution model based on a deposit system. The Loop concept involves offering consumers an alternative to single-use packaging in a bid to get ever closer to zero waste and thus reduce the amount of pollution caused by plastics. A sneak preview of the system will be available on Carrefour.fr from summer 2019.

Loop, an alternative to single-use packaging

Terracycle has developed a unique concept, called “Loop,” in which the deposit system can be rolled out. The project’s partner brands1 have developed new packaging that is compatible with this model (robust, ergonomically-designed and with new features and functions). These new containers have been designed to be made of glass, stainless steel or plastic and can be completely recycled at the end of their useful lives. Carrefour will also sell products under its own brand. It will be launching around twenty or so Carrefour and Carrefour BIO organic products, such as honey, oil and spices, all in returnable containers. The “maboutiqueloop.fr” platform will be launched in May 2019, initially in the Paris region only. During this “Test and Learn” phase, consumers will be involved in continuously improving the offering. Starting in summer 2019, these products will also be on sale on the Carrefour.fr website. To find out more about this service, go to https://www.carrefour.fr/engagements/loop

A simple solution combining zero waste and a wide assortment of major-brand products

When customers makes their first purchase2, they pay the deposit and if they want, opt to have the product automatically replaced. Consumers will only pay the deposit for the packaging once, and this amount will gradually be refunded to them, each time they return packaging. Customers consume their products on a day-to-day basis, and once they are finished and empty, the packaging is collected from their home, washed and then refilled so as to be reintroduced into the circuit.

Carrefour Corporate Secretary Laurent Vallée declared: “Loop is a solution developed by a visionary entrepreneur which completely transforms the market by allowing manufacturers and retailers, along with customers, to experiment a model that eliminates disposable packaging. On issues related to the circular economy, Carrefour has made strong commitments to restrict its plastic footprint. So it was natural for Carrefour to commit to this project, and we are proud to be the first retailer to offer Loop. We are convinced that our clients will embrace this solution because they are increasingly sensitive to zero waste consumption patterns.”

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky added: “Carrefour was the first retailer to believe in the potential of the Loop platform. Early on in this project, their team devoted meaningful time and energy into embedding the Loop system into their platform, creating a new, waste-free shopping experience for their consumers. Thanks to Carrefour's leadership as our founding retail partner, shoppers will soon be able to seamlessly access their favorite products in durable, high-quality packaging."

Another commitment to reduce the amount of plastic.

In 2018, Carrefour undertook to ensure that all of its packaging was reusable, recyclable or compostable for its own-brand products by 2025. Loop is a flagship project in this action plan, designed to help it honor this commitment.
At the same time, Carrefour has launched a number of other initiatives, such as the “Ramène ton contenant” (Bring your container) campaign, encouraging customers to bring their own containers when they go shopping. Since summer 2018, products have been available in bulk from all Carrefour stores. Plastic straws have been done away with and organic fruit and vegetables (bananas, leeks, marrows, etc.) are now unwrapped and thus plastic-free.


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