Carrefour promotes the food transition and signs its first "farmer contracts" in Poland


On 24 April, Carrefour Poland organised a conference at the Smak Kariery Centre to unveil its Food Transition strategy. The event saw the signing of the first "farmer contracts" with seven farmers – a milestone in the retailer's history. The whole day was dedicated to representatives of institutions, organisations and schools that are involved in farming, food and ecology, as well as the media.

Robert Noceń, General Secretary for Carrefour Poland provided an overview of the Food Transition Concept, together with the associated projects in which Carrefour is involved. The purpose of the Food Transition strategy is to make the whole consumer experience as comfortable as possible for customers, providing them with uninterrupted access to high-quality food products at affordable prices. In order to meet this aim, Carrefour is involved in several initiatives. It is implementing an environmentally-friendly agricultural plan in Poland starting in 2018, it is making organic products available to as many people as possible, it is promoting local and regional products, it is providing farmers with long-term support as they switch to more ecological farming methods and it is mobilising the Carrefour Foundation, getting it to provide funding for such projects.

"Farmer contracts" are a new form of cooperation with farmers. By entering into agreements of this type, Carrefour will be able to ensure a constant supply of products from verified producers. This way, customers will have access to a high-quality range of fruit and vegetables, all of comparable appearance, taste and size.

Producers, on the other hand, will be guaranteed stable sales of their products, meaning they will be able to plan ahead.


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