Carrefour steps up its commitment to sustainable fishing


Carrefour does not use electrofishing for its fish supplies in France. As of December, all its suppliers have now confirmed that they will not use this fishing method ( fresh fish and Carrefour-brand frozen fish).

Electrofishing has been banned in Europe since 1998, but has been carried out experimentally since 2007 on the issuing of derogations. At the end of November, the European Parliament's Committee on Fisheries said it was in favour of possibly extending the use of electrofishing.

Given the data available about the impacts of this electrofishing, Carrefour is in favour of applying the precautionary principle to it.

Carrefour has set itself the target of ensuring that half of all fish sold by 2020 are sustainably farmed. To do this, Carrefour has decided to give preference to fishing techniques that are less harmful to aquatic ecosystems and to help tackle illegal fishing.


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