World Clean Up Day!


It's time to stop pondering and to start taking action! As you may have heard, last Saturday was World Cleanup Day. This is a global social initiative designed to raise people's awareness of the spread of littering and to get them to assume responsibility for the impact that it has and how much it pollutes the environment. It's held in more than 150 countries and its aim is to unite people in cleaning up our planet for one day.
Our employees and customers decided to take part in the event in several countries, picking up hundreds of kilograms of waste scattered over roads and along beaches, as well as strewn through forests and rivers. This year saw the first ever World Cleanup Day in China – Carrefour volunteers cleaned up a park in Shanghai. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, nearly 800 kg of waste were picked up, including 1000 plastic bottles in Hong Kong alone!
A big thank you to them and to all participating Carrefour stores in Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Taiwan, Spain and France!

Our international partners also got involved and took part in World Cleanup Day. In Morocco, our partner Label’Vie got its customers, partners and employees involved in the event.
Cameroon joined in as well – our local partner CFAO collected more than 7 tonnes of waste in Douala, nearly 66% of which was made up of plastic detritus.



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