Free-range eggs


In Spain: a new Carrefour Quality Line for eggs
Carrefour has just entered into a partnership with Aragon-based company Granja Virgen del Rosario to provide all Carrefour stores with eggs produced in compliance with consumers' expectations as far as animal welfare is concerned. The hens are reared out in the open, and innovations in the field of vaccination mean that antibiotics can be prohibited during the egg-laying season. They are free to roam around and consume locally-produced feeds.
This line is consistent with Carrefour's international initiative to work alongside suppliers on transforming its product offering.

In Italy and Belgium, all Carrefour-brand eggs are from hens reared outdoors or in the open. In Belgium, preference is given to free-range hens. As of 1 March 2017, Carrefour Italy no longer sells eggs produced by battery-farm hens in its 477 consolidated stores. In its other franchised stores – which are already supplied exclusively with eggs produced by hens free to roam out in the open – awareness-raising initiatives are under way to ensure that all purchases are in compliance with sustainability requirements.

In France, all Carrefour-brand eggs will be produced using systems other than battery-farming by 2020. Carrefour is working closely alongside its suppliers to extend this initiative to all of the eggs it sells by 2025. To support these changes in egg farming methods, Carrefour is going to implement special 3-year minimum contracts with its Carrefour-brand suppliers to help them create new organic or open-air farms, or convert their existing battery farms.

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